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Have questions or need help? The available options include data transmission, remote query, Hi-Res, and color display.

GE Mac 5000/5500 Accessories

This unit operates on an AC powerline or can be battered operated. MACR Categories: Enables the printing of 12SL diagnosis on ECG reports All leads are on the printout as well as the interpretation of the image that the leads give of the heart.

MAC 5500 HD

A single button allows for the printing, storage, and transmission of ECG waveforms. Gender and age-specific Interpretation Color The MAC allows for gender and age-specific interpretation and represents that on-screen with different color options for each. Brand GE Healthcare GE Healthcare offers a comprehensive portfolio of patient monitoring solutions that can help you reach the highest levels of clinical excellence.

This software reviews and measures ECG waveforms for signs of artifact and interference, advising clinicians of poor waveform quality during ECG recordings. This feature has criteria that can help a clinician more easily detect acute myocardial infarction MI in female patients which enhances diagnostic confidence and patient safety. This option assists the physician in the ECG assessment of a patient suspected of having ACS and provides additional diagnostic statements, which identify specific lead sets where signs of ACS may be present.

This predictive treatment can save lives and provide a better picture of possible future heart conditions. This provides additional ST measurements for the detection of changes that occur in some non-diagnostic lead cases to facilitate the prompt detection of right ventricular and posterior MI. Another option for the MAC HD is atrial arrhythmia assessment which features a patented templating algorithm that enhances P-wave measurement accuracy.

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An uncommon option that is found on the MAC HD, the hi-res late potential analysis supports ventricular arrhythmia assessment, with an intuitive design that creates a practical, non-invasive alternative to a usually invasive assessment. An improvement on the ability to accurately detect pacemaker spikes and adds the capability to detect and report the underlying rhythm essentially allowing the physician to ignore the pacemaker for an accurate image of the heart. ReNew handles our needs efficiently and are always willing to go the extra mile. Have questions or need help?

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