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Nope, not yet.

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It's 11 years old, but Sid Meier's Gettysburg is still the best game I've ever played. Wasn't there a Civil War game released like There's weird bargain-bin Civil War stuff released every so often, but rarely anything polished, or good, for that matter. Something on par with Company of Heroes, or Total War, in terms of scope, scale, detail and presentation? What about Company of Heroes done Civil War-could be interesting.

Awesome Game about the American Civil War ! Civil War: Secret Missions

The only bad thing about a civil war game, is that it will be unrealistic, because I dobt that the majority of PC gamers will want to wait 5 minutes to fire an inaccurate shot out of a musket. Civil War? Company of Heroes, though friggin' awesome, is a bad model for this topic. It's all about squad-scale combat: Didn't make it before Bogaty: JesusFreak Yeah but I heard that game stunk.

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Why do people keep saying that? It spans an era which includes the midth century, and it involves North American combat, but no-way-no-how can it be interpreted as a game based on the conflict between the USA and the seccesionist CSA, fought in the s. The topic creator is proposing a game as dedicated to the American Civil War as Company of Heroes is dedicated to WWII, not another sandbox game which happens to have a midth century era available for play.

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  5. Oh, sorry. I see 3 strategy ACW games from Matrix which are new and cover the entire war.

    Download Civil War Games for Mac - Best Software & Apps

    Any recommendations on the best of them? It's a very interesting game system which can take some time getting used it, but it's rewarding once you do. A lot of serious wargamers praise Forge of Freedom from Matrix, but I just don't care for the game engine myself. Feels too much like I'm playing a spreadsheet.

    Total War sounds perfect for you. The way Empire: Total War comprehensively avoids covering the American Civil War at all would make it perfect for someone looking for a game that covers the American Civil War. An american civil war game wouldn't have an audience outside of the US because nobody else gives a damn. I don't buy that argument. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. ZalBal Follow Forum Posts: PS-sorry for any misspelled words, don't think i did though. NoRemnants Follow Forum Posts: Vfanek Follow Forum Posts: I would first of all like to have some columns.


    I'm tired, I can't read that: Go grab a copy of Take Command: Great game and the AI is fantastic. TW, it'll definitely give you a challenge. Oh bollocks. What's next, removing WoT Blitz for being able to play as a nazi? I think people are blowing this confederate flag thing out of proportion. So what do we do now, erase the Civil War from the history books?

    No, it's not right that a government building is still flying the flag on , but at the same time this outrage over it is just plain ridiculous.

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