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Review: Apple MacBook Pro (2018, 15-inch)

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The new eighth-gen Intel chips in these machines, no matter which inch you pick up, now include two bonus cores. As muscle car fans might say, there's no replacement for displacement, and these tiny silicon engines give you a whopping total of 6 cores and 12 threads, leaving previous Macs in the dust at the drag strip. I was able to use the new MacBook Pro to encode a video into the demanding H.

Apple has just unveiled a new MacBook Pro. How does it measure up to last year’s model?

The Cinema4D performance from this laptop was impressive, and they noted a marked improvement in render times of 3-D frames with complex material reflections. Most folks will opt for the cheaper i7-based models. After that update, I noticed significantly more consistent speeds with less fluctuation than before. But even I was wowed by the additional headroom the new CPU grants users.

I could keep working in Chrome while running an intensive app like Handbrake in the background without noticing much, if any, slowdown. I could easily make it through a few hours of light work and web use without getting range anxiety.

Is The Old Mac Pro Still Worth It In 2018?

In the redesign of its top-tier notebooks, Apple switched out a tried-and-true scissor switch with the now-infamous butterfly mechanism, reducing key travel to a measly half a millimeter. The company spun the decision as one to increase the "stability" of said keys, though I don't think that's a complaint anyone ever had with the softer, more comfortable MacBook keyboards of yore. Personally, I feel that in swapping the Pro keyboard for the shallow butterfly-style version, Apple severely damaged its MacBook Pro line.

Who Really Needs A Mac Pro?

Anecdotal reliability issues aside myself and coworkers have suffered through jammed key switches on our last-gen MacBooks, for what it's worth , I was told by its defenders that the butterfly keyboard just "takes getting used to," which isn't something you could say about the excellent input devices built into the laptop's forbears. These new MacBook Pros have a similar butterfly keyboard mechanism. The choice is bound to be similarly controversial, even though Apple's touting its improved switch design.

Teardowns show that the new version of the keyboard adds a silicone baffle under each keycap. Whether it's designed to keep dust from jamming up the switch or to simply muffle the sound of the keyboard is beside the point. I'd say that the new keyboard is a little quieter, but it mostly has a less obnoxious sonic signature. The new switches had a slightly softer feel to them, which my sensitive fingers appreciated.

Mac Pro 5.1 (2012) still worth it in 2018?

But, for me, this is still a sub-par keyboard. I shouldn't have to "get used to" a keyboard on a multi-thousand-dollar computer, and it shouldn't make my hands hurt doing what it was designed to do. The older keyboards were better, and Mac users deserve a better typing experience for what they're paying. Then there's the Touch Bar. Somewhere between a keyboard and a touchscreen, this tiny display sits atop the keyboard and offers up some alternative, touch-friendly controls. You can program it to display controls from third-party apps, like Adobe Photoshop, but I've found that the Touch Bar works best for me when it's set up to act like a normal assortment of buttons.

Y'know, that vivid, high-resolution screen where all the real work gets done? My twitchy peepers see a sudden pop of color or motion down below and they lock onto the Bar every. The best part of the Touch Bar setup, however, is the inclusion of a fast, accurate fingerprint sensor for logins and for authorizing Apple Pay transactions. I think this is a nice-to-have for everyone but the pro users Apple hopes to win back.

Like the Touch Bar, this is a feature the MacBook Pro's target audience might even disable as soon as they set up their new computer, making it a dubious value add. Especially to pros with mountains of accessories and a workflow to maintain, it was understandably disruptive coming off the prior MacBook Pros—y'know, the old ones with the regular USB ports and HDMI and an SD card reader?

Since then, the state of USB-C accessories has improved quite a bit, and those who need to remain on a MacBook Pro have adapted heh and accepted their new one-port-to-rule-them-all lord-of-the-ports USB-C.

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And things are trending towards Apple's precedent. The ability to plug any device into any port, in any orientation is one thing.

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But diminished utility is another. I can only imagine what it's like for working professionals to have to juggle adapters for hard drives, external displays, SD card readers, and other requisite peripherals. But it can put the burden on the user, something a truly elegant solution should never do. When you spend a boatload of money on something, you expect it to satisfy your needs. With the MacBook Pro, it'll depend—making it a hard decision.