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With these options, you offer your customers not only perfectly designed rooms but also an extraordinary experience. Experience the world of Miele first hand! Allow yourself to be inspired and informed during our diverse events. There are things in life which people just love. For everything you really love. You should store all components as recommended on data sheet rather than room temperature for excess time.

Incorrect preparation of standard. You should reconstitute standard strictly with the recommended diluent according to the kit protocol. You should prepare reagents in 10 minutes prior to use and add them to wells promptly. Insufficient mixing after adding samples. You should fully mix reagents in the vortex mixer when adding several reagents at the same time.

Be careful when holding reagents to avoid splashing. Inconsistent incubation time, washing condition, color development condition and operators. You should repeat the assay of standard. Ensure consistent reactivity condition and operators. Improper washing. Check that all ports of the plate washer are unobstructed to ensure sufficient washing. Uneven temperature. You should keep constant temperature during incubation to avoid temperature fluctuations. Too much residual on the wall of the wells when adding or the bottom of wells scratched with pipette tip.

You should lower the pipette tips along the wall of wells when adding slowly and carefully.

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Do not touch the bottom of wells. Reused materials. You should change pipette tips between samples and reservoirs between reagents.

Occasional positive and negative values close to the cut off value. You should set 3 duplicates for the same sample and the same result over 2 samples. Cross contamination when adding samples. You should avoid cross contamination when adding samples. Cross contamination during manual washing. You should reduce the cross contamination by promptly removing the liquid in wells after 3 times of filling washing buffer during manual washing and then setting the soak time the next times.

Cross contamination when patting the plate. You should use proper paper towels when patting the plate. Do not bring unrelated materials into the plate. Do not pat at the same place to avoid cross contamination. Contamination due to long storage of samples. You should keep samples fresh or store them under low temperate to avoid contamination.

Abnormal developed color due to insufficient filling or too much residual when the plate washer is obstructed. You should fully fill into every well with pipette but no overflows are allowed. Coagulationor interference of precipitates or residual cell caused by incomplete centrifugation of samples. You should complete centrifugation of serum and plasma. Wrong preparation of wash buffer or misuse of concentrated wash buffer. You should prepare wash buffer as manual required. The expiration date is shown on the label of each kit.

For opened kit, please refer to the protocol for component-specific storage instructions. Join the 25, subscribers to get research hotpots, technical tips, latest information on events, sales and offers. Your Good Partner in Biology Research. View All pathways. Protocols References Download Center. Technical Articles A collection of articles that focus on an array of different scientific topics such as pathways, cancer, transmembrane proteins.

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Important Questions. Application and Selection of Our Products. Shipping and Storage. Please refer to the "materials provided" section in the kit manual. We use Proclin as preservatives. How much sample volume is needed? How should I wash the plate?


Insufficient incubation time. You should set the timer accurate. Why is repeatability poor? Poor repeatability of the plate readings. You should calibrate the plate reader. Why is abnormal color developed? How should I store the products? A MMO 2D sprite and tile based role playing game. MIT [39]. A DDR clone, the player must hit buttons or keys in time with the music. Etterna Game. MIT [40]. A StepMania fork focused on keyboard srepad play, the player must hit buttons or keys in time with the music.

Arcade racing game similar to Mario Kart. Super Tux Party. Apache , CC BY 4. Trigger Rally. Sim racing game similar to Colin McRae Rally. Development is ongoing. TrueCraft is a completely clean-room implementation of Minecraft beta 1. Tumiki Fighters. BSD 2-clause [44]. Later commercially ported to Wii as Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy , [46] as well as Linux. Tux, of Math Command. Genre-mix of city-building game and real-time strategy game, inspired by the Anno series. Team-based first person shooter with strong RTS elements, derived from the Tremulous project. Elite clone and space simulator engine.

An open-source framework for massively multiplayer online role-playing games. A fork and direct successor of the game Nexuiz. A multiplayer Asteroids -like game. GPLv2 , Proprietary [50]. Based on Cube.

Choisissez un modèle d’iPhone 8.

Inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization. Alien Arena. Proprietary [51]. Based on ID Software open-source engine.

GPL , Proprietary. Proprietary [52]. Initially for Windows, Linux, and Mac; hold and toss enemies, swim, talk; scripting language included. Brendon Chung built this game on base of the Quake 2 engine and released therefore the game's source code in In ported to Linux and the OpenPandora handheld.

H-Craft Championship. Free for personal use [55]. MIT license most of game and engine beside some scripts [61]. The english version was made with the ONScripter engine. An open-source clone of ' Transport Tycoon Deluxe '. Open-source clone of several games, including Osu! On August 28, , osu! NET Framework , available to more platforms and transparent.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. GPLv2 [67]. Based on DarkPlaces. An indie top-down arcade shooter with single-player, deathmatch, and co-op. Developed open-source from the beginning with the own T4E engine, [70] while the assets are kept proprietary for commercialization on Steam and gog. First person stealth game in the style of the Thief series games 1 and 2 using a modified Id Tech 4 engine.

Source code released in Free Art License , Proprietary. Some car models are non-free, but there is a DFSG -compliant version which doesn't include them. Multiplayer tactical shooter based on the id tech 3 engine. Originally a Quake 3 modification. Became stand-alone in , now runs on ioquake3.

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Zero-K is a multi-platform real time strategy game inspired by Total Annihilation , powered by the Spring game engine. Released on Steam. Business simulation. Dune Legacy. Engine remake of Ultima VII. Engine remake of Heart of the Alien. Engine remake of BVE Trainsim. Engine remake of Cannon fodder and Cannon fodder 2. Red Alert. Action-adventure video game.

Construction and management simulation. Engine remake of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Generals - Zero Hour. Proprietary [84]. Remake of the game Outpost with added features and improved gameplay mechanics. Engine remake of Flashback video game. Engine remake of X-COM: UFO Defense. OpenXcom aims to fix all the known bugs and limits, improve the AI and user interface, localize in more languages, and enable customizing and modding.

OpenApoc aims to fix all the known bugs and limits, improve the AI and user interface, localize in more languages, and enable customizing and modding. Currently, the game is playable from start to end, though due to its Alpha release state is prone to random crashes and game-breaking bugs which can be navigated around via use of the OpenApoc bug-tracker hosted by GitHub for advice and recommendations. Non-commercial usable and shareable [90]. In Valve released this Source engine based game with source code, which started as a mod.

Around Daniel Remar released the GameMaker source code of the game, together with the sources of his other games like Iji. Around the flash source code was made available for educational purposes by the developers. Unofficial, open-source Source engine successor to Team Fortress Classic.

On November 9, the developer Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly released the source code of the game under an own software license forbidding new content [93] [94] so that the game's community would be able to create fixes and patches.