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Zombies Games Plants vs. Tapped Out The Simpsons: September Can i play Battlefield 3 in Mac? Mac OS X Me too. Message 1 of 11 55, Views. Reply 2. September You should be able too, yes. Message 2 of 11 55, Views. Reply 1.

Battlefield 3: "GTX 660" PC: 2 GB Vs. 16 GB Ram (Ultra Settings) 1280x1024p

Message 3 of 11 55, Views. September A mate uses that same stock Mac as you and he can run normal settings.. Message 4 of 11 55, Views. September i hope this answers your query.. In five days we'll get a better answer, obviously, but it seems overkill to close now when the release date is so close. Currently, Battlefield 3 does not support cross-platform multiplayer. According to this article, which quotes the studio head, Robert Bach, there are numerous differences between the PC and Console versions of Battlefield 3: Limitations caused by hardware requirements causes the maximum number of players in a game to vary between versions: We tried to get more players in [to the console version] but then you need to scale down all the graphics, scale down all the destructibility, and sometimes you need to scale down all the map sizes Alterations were also done on the maps themselves to make them work better for smaller numbers of players: Tom Grochowicz Tom Grochowicz 4, 22 Not the answer I was hoping for, but I'll take it.

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Battlefield 3 and Plant vs Zombies is now free for PC and Mac [Limited Time]

The fact that the maps are somewhat different between PC and console, while not a certain deal killer, suggests they're really thinking of them as separate animals. It would be extremely unfair, even if the maps were identical, because mouse offers a much higher level of aiming precision than is possible with a thumbstick.

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JeffAtwood Yep, I've seen discussions of that. Along, of course, with angry rebuttals from console users. Without moving your hands much at all you can easily reach upwards of 30 keys with your left hand. Stof Stof 1, 8 6. Alan B Alan B 2, 14 I don't know a definitive answer of statement. Doozer Blake Doozer Blake Though it probably wasn't a FPS so I'd be interested to hear what it is.

Never heard of it, and don't think it's even possible, but I've been wrong before. Wait a minute Portal 2. CI is a major step forward in a general purpose OS in only allowing trusted code to run, but it takes significant planning, testing and resources to get it right for normal operations beyond what Microsoft has already tested and approved.

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Preventing these interfaces from being used maliciously while not significantly slowing down or impairing the OS has been a huge challenge for all OS vendors. Microsoft went further and allows any device driver, which essentially becomes a part of the OS, from being installed, on a per-device driver basis. Microsoft Windows 10 also introduced an improved version of device health attestation.

DHA allows OSes to be verified to have clean boot and other processes before continuing.

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Customers can do their own DHA checks or outsource the it to Microsoft or a third-party vendor. Apple macOS: Instead, Apple has created many proprietary features with some of the same, but not identical, protections. The standard user account password provides rudimentary protection against access on a properly booted Mac, but does nothing against someone with access to the equipment and with knowledge of Target Disk Mode.

Battlefield 3 | System Requirements | GeForce

To prevent unauthorized access, startup disks can be encrypted using FileVault 2, and the Mac can be set to prevent booting to external devices via firmware passwords. FileVault 2 encrypts the entire drive using the AES-XTS mode of AES with bit blocks and a bit key, and it prevents anyone who does not have an unlock-enabled account from seeing disk contents whatsoever. The new iMac Pro released in late features an Apple-designed T2 chipset. This chipset consolidates a bunch of hardware subsystems into one chipset, but also introduces some interesting security features that will be adopted on other Macs, eventually.

Microsoft has done much security work in memory protections, usually to prevent initial exploits, zero days, and privilege escalations. DEP attempts to prevent malicious buffer overflows, where a malware program attempts to place executable code in a data area, and then trick the OS into executing it.

Bootcamp for window wont play battlefield 3

DEP prevents the OS from executing anything in areas marked as data. ASLR places common, critical, system executables in different places in memory between each boot. This makes it significantly harder for malicious programs that attempt to manipulate and modify these components to find them. SEHOP attempts to stop malicious, rogue, error handling from being installed and executed when an execution error is found.

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These security features and other preventative technologies morphed into what Microsoft now calls Control Flow Guard. It is enabled on every Microsoft program and is available in programming tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio EMET also arrived in Vista, as an add-in to help prevent 0day attacks. It contained memory protections, digital certificate handling improvements like certificate pinning , early warnings, and improved reporting to both the OS admin and Microsoft so they could identify the technical specifics of different new attacks.