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In addition, the UT automatically selects best antenna to improve signal strength for better uplink performance. The UT portable modem enables users to enjoy better signal quality even while indoor with 23dBm transmission power. Overall, UT portable modem provides easy access to the Internet at your home, office or on-the-go. What are the contents in the UT Portable Modem package? The modem package contains 1 UT Modem dongle and a user guide manual.

If you are a new user, kindly plug in the UT portable modem into your computer. It will auto launch the installation wizard and guide you through the installation process. This process will take a few minutes to complete. Click "Run loader. When installation completes, click "Done" button to close.

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Go through the process until it is done and restart your computer before plug in the UT portable modem Host-Less. Click the Windows button and click the "All Programs". Why is there no action after I have plug my modem into my PC for the 1st time? Your PC may have disabled the autorun function. After the driver successful installed, what is this page showing on my PC web browser? This is a status page that will show you the details of your modem connection to the Internet. When I connect the UT portable modem, there's always a status webpage launched in the beginning.

Is it normal? Yes, it is normal.

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  • P1 USB Modem incompatible.

This is to show you have connected to the Internet. Yes, just plug in the USB cable to the computer. The modem will receive the power supply at the same time allows you to stay connected. Unfortunately, UT portable modem does not support WiFi sharing. The UT modem supports up to Windows 7.

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What is wrong? How should I go about it? Check the signal strength via http: After successful installation, my computer does not automatically launch the status webpage. Am I connected to the Internet? Check the Network Status on your PC. Buy an external 3G router. RM from TP-Link. Show posts by this member only Post 3.

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Could you recommend the model? Then just plug in this Wimax Modem on that router? BTW thanks! I'm googling now. D This post has been edited by muhdzahari: Show posts by this member only Post 4. Elite Posts: Apr From: Show posts by this member only Post 5. I guess u need to upgrade to their router package. Why not give them call? Rather losing a customer, I'm sure they can offer something. Mar 31 , Show posts by this member only Post 6.

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Thank God I still in trial period. Thanks for opinions and helps previously. Aug 12 , Show posts by this member only Post 7. Aug Anybody knows how to extend my ToGo Modem receiver? I've done troubleshoot by reset the modem and PING it as told by Customer Service, but sadly still no network received.

Sorry out of topic. Show posts by this member only Post 8. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Junior Member Posts: Mar From: Their USB modem firmware support is a joke. Failed policy and greedy mentality. Aug 18 , Show posts by this member only Post Dec From: