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The result is a graphics platform for applications to seamlessly tap into a teraflop of graphics power Performance. Each bay provides its own independent 3Gbps channel for fast access to data. A new cableless connection and intuitive Apple software make it a snap to install this optional card. Once installed, high-performance 15,rpm SAS drives may be used. It's the perfect solution for workgroup servers, video pros working with high-bit-rate assets, or anyone who wants to protect critical data.

RAID Card not included close.

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With a rock-solid UNIX infrastructure, it's one of the most secure and stable operating systems on any platform. That means it compiles and runs all your existing UNIX code, so you can deploy it in environments that demand full conformance. The result: Software performs exactly as it's meant to.

And because the powerful tools built into Mac OS X improve application performance on multicore processors, the new Mac Pro is the ideal workstation bit Power Mac OS X is to the new Mac Pro what a skilled driver is to a car with a powerful engine — a perfect match. Since the entire operating system is bit ready, you can take full advantage of the bit architecture of the Quad-Core Intel Xeon "Nehalem" processors inside the new Mac Pro.

Inside The 2010 Mac Pro (In Depth Tour)

And because Mac OS X supports bit and bit applications, you don't need a new set of devices or drivers Multicore. Optimized for multicore technology, Mac OS X provides powerful tools that make it easy to reap the benefits of the Mac Pro.

Apple Mac Pro Overview

The scheduler in Mac OS X, for instance, is very efficient at allocating tasks across multiple cores and processors. So Mac OS X spends less time managing tasks and more time performing computations. As a developer, you can build applications that execute the same efficiency, thanks to NSOperation, a breakthrough API that optimizes applications for multicore processing Core Animation From the cascading windows of Time Machine to the smooth animation of the reflective 3D Dock, stunning visual effects truly set Mac OS X apart.

The performance of Core Animation benefits from the multicore processors and advanced graphics hardware in the new Mac Pro.

For developers, Core Animation easily opens up the power of Apple's graphics technologies. You can create animated user interfaces and visualizations that simultaneously layer different media types, such as text, 2D graphics, OpenGL rendering, and QuickTime video, all in real time Xcode Developer Tools Xcode is the graphical development environment that comes with every Mac.

It's the same software used by Apple to produce Mac OS X, and it's packed with tools and features, including a powerful graphical debugger, a code editor supporting dozens of languages, and the amazing Instruments tool to visualize your application's performance. Xcode is optimized to take advantage of the multicore Intel Xeon "Nehalem" processors and system memory in the Mac Pro. Instant Server The multitalented Mac Pro can also act as a powerful small-workgroup server.

The resulting solution combines Mac ease of use with flexible configuration options and server-class hardware. The system ships with Mac OS X "Snow Leopard," which gives you all the tools you need for e-mail, personal organization, Internet browsing, watching movies, and more. Its software and hardware are designed work to together seamlessly, eliminating the compatibility nightmares that often plague PC users.

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What's more, the iMac can run Windows via Boot Camp, perfect for users who have a Windows-only application that they absolutely need to use iLife '09 The included iLife '09 suite is a suite of applications that help you organize your digital life. Don't be. The iMac isn't plagued by constant attacks from the outside world.

It is designed to be secure out of the box, eliminating the need for additional software to protect your system from danger.

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OS X will warn you if a downloaded file is potentially dangerous, ensuring that you don't accidentally open a malicious application. Apple responds quickly to any security threats, prompting you to download updates that keep your Mac up to date and safe Tech Support Have a problem with your Mac?

Apple also provides online tutorials, troubleshooting forums, and 90 days of phone support for users who aren't able to make it to an Apple store Optional AppleCare Apple provides 90 days of free phone support and a 1-year limited hardware warranty on the computer. You can opt to add an AppleCare Protection Plan, at additional cost, which covers support and repairs for 3 years from the date of purchase. AppleCare can be purchased at any time within the first year of ownership of the computer.

In the Box. Table of Contents. Apple Mac Pro Specs. Performance aqruwdutfavsfcaswybe Processor 2x 2. Double-wide lane PCI Express 2. None Installed: Apple Mac Pro Reviews. You also can lookup a Mac Pro by its serial number and other identifiers.

Mac Pro (Early 2009) - Technical Specifications

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