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Thank you so much! I had to change my mouse from my mac mouse to a small travel one I use for my Dell laptop. It worked perfectly. Thank you again! Hi Rachel, I can't thank you enough!! I too have aApple Mac mouse, and I too was going out of my mind. But thanks to you, I too changed to my Dell mouse, and it is now Exporting! Board Categories Announcements Announcements Main Starting and Exiting the application Screen capture Console LWMouCon Lightworks on Mac Lightworks on Linux Third Party Plugins Feature Requests Community Showcase Audio Network Feedback Pond5 Feedback Website Website - General RedShark News - www.

Host Controller Location: Product ID: Apple Location ID: Chipset Model: GPU Bus: Color LCD: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Built-In: Yes Display Connector: Maximum Speed: An external drive bay with FW interface will work OK for a dedicated media drive.

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The bottleneck will be the GPU. It is on my laptop.

You could also do reduced resolution SD proxies for editing and relink to original HD media for finished export. Craig Marshall has posted much about this process.

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Lightworks originated as a "heavy iron" dedicated hardware suite editing system for the broadcast TV and feature film industry. It works best with high powered professional graphics grade workstations. Last Edit: Again, very helpful, thanks! I'm heading overseas for a year or two and want to do be able to do some very light editing for shorts and stock footage uploads, but I want to stay as small and cheap as possible.

I just left behind a really big set of toys at my last job super fast current big box Windows editing bay with always-updated Adobe CS suite, working in Premiere and Photoshop primarily. Can I pick your brain once more?

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If you were yourself buying something good for the next two years I say Apple because I do appreciate the lower viral threat on that platform. All good thoughts, esp. I have been very satisfied with the two Toshiba Satellites I have owned over the last 14 years.

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Mine were both purchased as audio engineering workstations for field use, though I have used the one in my sig below, now 7 years old, with Lightworks since the original beta 10 release. Replaced battery twice and power supply twice, upgraded to RPM drives has two internal and Win 7 64Bit from the original Vista. Still works fine within its limits. We have mostly Dells and HP's at work and I really don't like them.

I run Norton for security and machine maintenance. Never an issue with malware.

Lightworks 14 review: Free video editing software lacks proper Mac decorum

Found this one on Newegg that could run Lightworks much better than mine does. Swap the system drive for an SSD and add an external USB3 drive for media it would rock pretty well for not much bucks. Coming from Adobe CS, you would get frustrated with Elements.

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All the consumer bling gets in the way of efficient editing. I hated it. Lightworks lets you record video directly from cameras, and import existing clips both audio and video.

Once you have all your resources, you can start adding them to your timeline to create your first cut. Lightworks is packed with advanced realtime effects to help you perfect your video, including color correction, blurs and masks. There are dozens of preset effects, or you can create your own manually. Now it's your turn. Our Verdict By far the most powerful free video editor around, Lightworks democratizes filmmaking by putting premium tools within reach of everyone.