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Bernie Mac tries to ween Bryana off her doll. S2, Ep3. Car-pool complications wreck Bernie; a boy in the car pool starts blackmailing Jordan to be his friend. S2, Ep4.

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The kids go on strike, after Bernie Mac doesn't pay them for the extra work they have to do. S2, Ep5.

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Shortly after Jordan gets a snake for a school project, Bryana and Jordan starting fighting each other like wild animals. S2, Ep6.

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Vanessa fails to invite Bernie to a father-daughter dance, and it drives him crazy. S2, Ep7. After eating an entire Thanksgiving turkey, Bernie Mac has some weird nightmares; ones that might be telling him something. S2, Ep8. Bernie and Wanda strive to present a united front when disciplining the children; Wanda becomes unhappy with this strategy because she's accustomed to playing the good cop.

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S2, Ep9. S2, Ep Jordan receives a lecture on sins from Father Cronin, but it seems to really hit home on Bryana. In addition, both Jordan and Bryana learn that Bernie Mac is a big sinner too.

Bernie offends Wanda's boss Wesley Snipes at a dinner party. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Bernie calls on India. Arie to help out with Vanessa's talent show. Bernie delays his Las Vegas flight to take the children to the movies as promised; Bryanna and Jordan sneak out of a G-rated movie to watch more-exciting fare. When Jordan learns that Bryana has pink eye and has to miss a whole week of school, he goes crazy deliberately trying to get it too. But his results keep backfiring even in the end. Jordan tries to butter Bernie Mac up by playing chess with him just so he can play paint ball.

When that doesn't work, Jordan sets his own little chess simulation up, which Bernie Mac totally falls for. Many of his most emotional scenes occurred in segments in which Mac, while still in character, broke the ' fourth wall ' and talked to the television audience, which he referred to as America.

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This technique was most notably used before an episode during the — season, when Bernie, as himself and wearing a Chicago White Sox cap and jacket, delivered a heartfelt congratulatory message to the baseball organization and its staff on their recent World Series Championship. Bernie, who grew up on Chicago's south-side, was a die-hard fan of the White Sox and was seen at Game 1 of the World Series, in a front row seat. As was also the case during his stand-up routine, Mac habitually addressed the audience as "America" for humorous effect. Mac's character's celebrity worked as a plot device allowing other celebrities to appear on the show as themselves.

The series debuted in its time slot on November 14, with solid ratings in spite of a weak lead-in, Grounded for Life. The show had a very successful first season and in the process won a handful of honors including an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series" and the prestigious Peabody Award. In fall , the series aired against the Damon Wayans comedy My Wife and Kids which may have hurt the show's momentum in the ratings during the first half of its second season run.

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Larry Wilmore , the show's creator and executive producer, was fired at this time. In interviews, Wilmore said he was fed up with the network's creative interference with the show, in addition to Fox constantly shuffling it around the schedule. Fox contended that it wasn't happy with the show's direction under Wilmore in the second season, claiming the show "wasn't delivering enough laughs".

The third season was scheduled to start on October 29, , but was postponed due to The O. Instead, the series started the season at the late date of November 30, The ratings were mediocre, despite the large ratings of its lead-in The Simpsons. In March , the show was moved to Monday nights in a plan to boost ratings for the new show Cracking Up , but the ratings were low for both shows.

Cracking Up was canceled and The Bernie Mac Show was pulled from May Sweeps with leftover episodes that aired in June one of which included an episode about Thanksgiving.

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The Bernie Mac Show returned to its original time slot on September 8, , to start the fourth season. The production was shut down a month later due to Bernie's sickness. The show returned on January 14, , with new episodes on Friday nights. Although the ratings were low enough that commentators questioned the show's future especially when it was postponed from May Sweeps again , the show was renewed for a fifth season.

The fifth season started September 23, , on Friday nights and beginning mid-season, airings were followed by reruns of the show. The Bernie Mac Show celebrated its th episode on February 3, , [1] even though the actual th episode was not aired until March The series finale titled "Bernie's Angels" focused on Bernie getting an electrical shock and ends up traumatized. After he recovers, he begins to teach Jordan and Bryanna how to do certain things on their own. Also, Vanessa doesn't want Bernie to be involved in her choosing a college. Meanwhile, Jordan takes advantage of Bernie's kindness.

In the end, Vanessa and Bernie make up mainly due to her writing an essay about who inspires her most: In the final scene of the series, Bernie goes back to his normal self and takes back the iPod he bought Jordan since he was taking advantage of him. Bernie's final line is a farewell message to the viewers and stating that he is going to continue to raise and teach the kids for as long as they need it and he also wishes the viewers luck.

The scene pans out with Jordan on his knees sobbing and begging for the iPod while Bernie smugly laughs and teases him.