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Ubuntu However, I have less free time now than before, and maintaining support for these releases is becoming a time drain for me, and limiting the new features I can add to DDRescue-GUI, when I could be spending time doing more productive things, such as writing more applications for you guys! I will not fix any bugs for that release after the next one comes out, but you will get at least a few months more support from me on those systems. As a software developer, I feel inclined to tell any of you still using those operating system that you need to upgrade, because you are actively vulnerable to malware and viruses on the internet, just as Windows XP users are, and Windows Vista users will be in April.

Read about the new features here! Hamish Share this: Photorec managed to find the same number of JPG files as the trial versions of the commercial software I tried, so in my case I didn't need to use the commercial software. Maybe if I let the commercial trial versions run for longer they would have got some more data off, but I suspect that the disk was too far gone. Unfortunately, because the disk was really badly crashed, I was only able to rescue a small number of her files, but at least I got some!

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Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. More Mac Sites: Macworld MacUser iPhone Central. Recover a dead hard drive using GNU ddrescue Jul 28, '05 I had a problem with my disks an original Maxtor from a dual G5. It had three HFS Plus journaled partitions. Suddenly, the system would not boot. Using Apple's Disk Utility repair function failed to fix the drive.

I tried using DiskWarrior, but it was really slow -- the message was saying something like "speed inhibted by disk malfunction.

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So I decided to look what other tools were available, I looked on macosxhints, and found this article about using dd to make a block copy of a volume e. I tried to compile ddrescue on Panther and it did not work. I then tried to compile it on Tiger, and it worked the first time great to see Linux tools compiling on OS X without causing a headache.

To compile, open the Terminal and cd to the ddrescue directory, and then run the following commands: The syntax for ddrescue is quite simple and here are the steps I followed: Copy the content of the volume into an image file: The computer really slows down everything freezes during that kind of operation. I was monitoring the action by looking at the log ddrescue produces, and using this command: It will use the log file to pick up where it stoped last.

Then I tried to mount the image file, but it did not work. I don't know why not; maybe because it was an HFS Plus journaled partition. So I got a new disk to be sure there were not bad blocks and to keep the original disk intact, just in case and created a partition with pdisk of the exact same size number of blocks of the original partition and the image file, remember a block is usually bytes. Then I used ddrescue to copy the image file back onto the new partition: After that, I was able mount the volume and get my most important files back. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

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This site is not responsible for what they say. Recover a dead hard drive using GNU ddrescue Authored by: That is a pretty impressive solution.

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Nice job. I'll have to file this away, just in case. Isn't the standard procedure.

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DuallyG5 on Sep 05, '05 Gregory on Aug 10, '05 Detrius on Jun 30, '10 Applesmurf on Jul 11, '06 Check out: To mount or not to mount? Authored by: Andrman on Feb 18, '07 Just wanted to add a note here: This also works well with floppies. I finally decided to image all of my floppies and then throw the floppies away, given that most of the media is over a decade old. It went pretty well using Disk Utility's disk image creation, but where a disk had a bad sector on it, DU refused to do anything with it.

This ddrescue program did a nice job of preparing me to use DiskWarrior to repair. I still have only DiskWarrior 3. Who knows why, maybe it's just superstition, but I don't think it is entirely. Anyway, I did the following, in the terminal: Switch over to Disk Utility, select the rebuilt volume with the DW icon , convert the image.

Back to DiskWarrior to cancel, and then finally unmount the original image.

It worked quite nicely for those disks that had only a tiny amount of damage. I haven't had any that actually didn't mount at all, so parts of this procedure may need to be tweaked for that scenario. Specifically, the part where I mounted the disk image that ddrescue produced might not work in that case, and it would probably require using hdiutil attach -nomount to get it to be visible to DW, something like this, though I haven't had a need to try it: Compiled version of ddrescue for To save someone maybe you the hassle of compiling ddrescue, I have posted a compiled version here.

Thank you very much for continuing to host this ddrescue binary for Tiger you probably have forgotten all about it by now. Krioni on May 11, '13 Has anyone got this working on PPC Leopard? JLG on Apr 27, '09 An easy way to get ddrescue installed is to install Mac Ports http: You can then open a terminal window, type "sudo port install ddrescue", and the port will install.

Once that's done, you can type "sudo ddrescue" to run the program, or "sudo man ddrescue" for instructions. Best regards, Volker [ Reply to This ]. JLG on Apr 15, '10 FileSalvage Data Rescue Both are commercial products, but they are reasonably priced--especially when compared to the cost of data recovery services. Search Advanced.