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Robust Preview pane Instantly examine the needed resource not leaving the program via the handy Preview pane. This pane has the rendered content, HTML source and server headers of the page along with the output of every filter for the test. Check the sites in any web browser your like. Check what is output by the server and the filters.

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A set of useful notifiers The app boasts a pretty solid pack of notifiers, including action, calendar, email, sound, speech, and more. If needed, share notifiers among numerous tests. Write an AppleScript to get your ultimate notifications. If some of the notifiers bother you, they can be automatically stopped for a specific period. Handy Capture Session panel Effortlessly access any server.

Lan-Secure Syslog Center

You can receive texts and send responses. With this Capture Session panel, you can generate your ultimate session scripts. Get connected to the server on a given port, determine the part of the incoming text, set commands to proceed, and the session script will be created for you. Gather tests into groups Got many related tests?

Simon key features

Why not organize everything in a beautiful and time-saving way? Save time, organize them into groups without problems. Setting your tests and other lists into groups is fast and easy. Typically, you can sort all the tests by type, server, and client. See them in the browser of your choice. Choose whether you want them to be automatically saved or to be sent to a remote server.

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There are an array of templates to help you control layout and content in the report feature. Get Simon on Setapp. Setapp has apps for every job and it only takes a few clicks to find the ones you need. Plus, the app collection keeps growing all the time. Free Download Free 7-day trial. Latest version: This is not surprising given the fact that Ganglia evolved out a project at the University of California, Berkeley and was funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

CollectD is a popular open-source daemon, which collects basic system performance statistics over time and stores the data it collects in multiple formats, such as the RRD files that Cacti can use to graph the data. There are a number of plug-ins for various systems that allow you to collect data beyond the essential system metrics, such as CPU and memory.

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CollectD is commonly used to find performance bottlenecks, monitor and predict system load over time, and create alerts. CollectD is commonly used in DevOps projects as an industry-standard, open-source collection agent. It is usually integrated with a graphing tool, such as Graphite, Grafana, or Cacti. The Spiceworks free monitoring tool can provide insights to many aspects of your infrastructure, such as servers, switches, SNMP devices, and services. It is important to note that there are display ads within the free tool that provides revenue to Spiceworks. Cacti is mainly a front end graphing tool for system data, but it can also handle data collection.

Cacti leveraging on RRDTool , an open-source data logging and graphing system for storing polled data, can generate any type of graph for any dataset. The graphing used in Cacti is the standard used by many open-source and commercial tools. Cacti also works with user permissions, allowing certain users access to specific charts or graphs. Zabbix is an enterprise class solution that is written in PHP, fully equipped with many useful features, and has an option for non-free commercial support.

For asset and hardware information like temperature, fan speed, etc.

Icinga was originally created as a fork of Nagios, but the tool has added many new features over the years. Using this new API feature, sysadmins and users can easily integrate numerous extensions without modifying the Icinga core directly. Alerting options include email, SMS, and user-defined methods that can be scripted on the Icinga server.

For many IT professionals, their first foray into the world of monitoring begins with this toolset.

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One caveat: Freemium means that the tool provides limited features or support for free, and any additional features, support, or offerings are available for an added cost. There are many, many useful free server monitoring tools out there. This free monitoring tool tracks the health, status, and availability of server hardware in minutes. It lets you see the status and performance of critical server hardware components, such as fan speed, temperature, power supply, CPU, battery, and more. With it you can quickly identify server hardware issues impacting server and application performance.

Storage is one of those areas of the infrastructure that touches almost everything else, where an error can have wide-reaching impacts and implications, but which seems like a black hole to many IT pros.

Uptime & Response Time

This utility gives you quick, simple visibility into storage arrays and helps surface the common errors that can otherwise be confounding to pinpoint and resolve. The other is always email. While many enterprise-class system and application monitoring solutions include support for Exchange, this free utility does the job singularly and without any additional frou-frou.

Free Server Monitoring Tools

But these days, Windows systems are the majority in most organizations and thus a vast swath of data is overlooked unless a tool can also leverage WMI. This utility shows you the power within that humble protocol, and also lets you focus your monitoring investigation with minimal effort. This utility lets you monitor just about everything that matters for a single database.

Now more than ever, monitoring professionals have almost too many choices when it comes to free and open-source solutions. Laying the Foundation To build application infrastructure, you start with an architecture, draw the design, then analyze and choose the platform s that best fits. But first… Open-source monitoring solutions often require significant investments to learn, install, configure, and use.