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Turn Every Moment into Impressive Memories with Video Collage Collage videos and photos together to perfectly record every amazing moment. Elaborate pictures deeply stun you.

A simple tap on the video starts your incredibly spectacular journey with a lot of laughs. The fabulous background music wakes up all excitement in your body. Real-time sharing helps you enjoy the greatest moments with everyone, no matter where they are or what they are doing.


This app never allows you to miss the specially marvelous moment in your life! Download it at once! First time leaving an app review. The app is a joke. I am ashamed to admit I spent more than an hour trying to find a way around their app glitches. Have you ever been on an app and it unexpectedly quits? It happens, typically you exit out of it and restart and your fine, or on rare occasions you may have to delete an app and redownload to get it working smoothly again I went through the process of making my collage, pic and video, then I paid the.

We are now ready to have some fun! Click on the Titles icon below the video preview box.

How to Make a Video Slide Show With IMovie.

All kinds of different ways to add text to your project pop up. Select the desired style and drag and drop it into the first dotted box in the events pane. The light blue box above the mini frame is your editable text. The length of the box denotes where and how long the text will show.

PhotoVideoCollage: Cómo crear collage de fotos y videos

To move it Click there to be able to edit the text and then click in the video preview box to actually edit the text. To change the font size, style, color, etc click on the "Show Fonts" button. You can preview using the "Preview Slide" button or finish using the "Done" button. Open the folder you saved all your images in and simply drag and drop into the desired location. A little light green line will appear to let you know where you are about to drop your picture. You can drop all your images in and reorganize them later.

Leave your folder open to make sure you added everything. Alternatively if you already have photos in your iPhoto or Photo Booth you can open those in the "Photos" box in the bottom right corner using the "Photo" button. To add a title or informational banner to the slide repeat the process in Step 6 and edit accordingly. Now that we have all of our pictures added to our video we need to tweak each slide to make it look good. As you move your pointer over each slide you will notice three little icons pop up. The first one in the top left is for Video Adjustments.

Here you can change the levels, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and white point. Since all my images were good already I left all these alone. The second icon from the top left corner is the crop tool. You use this to pan or zoom the camera across your slide.

There are three options, fit, crop and Ken Burns. I am sure there are probably more, I just don't know enough about iMovie yet to know how to set them up. These are the only ones that I used. Fit is for exactly as it sounds, fitting your image to the video size you have selected.

How to Make a Video Slide Show With IMovie.: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Be warned it may crop your image incorrectly. Crop is for cropping your own image. Ken Burns is for the cool pan and zoom effects. This is very cool and easy to use. While in crop mode you will see one, two or no boxes over your video preview box. Fit shows no box, Crop shows a green box and Ken Burns shows red and green boxes. The boxes are all easy to adjust. The hand moves it and the cross-hair resizes it. Once done click the "done" button to return or click the next slide and continue cropping and panning. The last icon is a little clock, for setting the time of the slide.

Since the least amount of time you can set is 0. Anything quicker for a slide show will be hard to take in unless thats what you want. You can also set the entire project to 2 seconds and change your title screen time. This helps when you have 50 or 60 slides. By default, the videos you select to include in your collage will be placed to the right of your background clip on the Video Track. To start making the collage, first, you need to create an overlay track. Click the Plus icon, as shown in the picture, and choose Add Video Track.

Then drag one of the added videos up and drop it above the background clip onto the newly created Overlay track. Double-click the video on the Overlay track to edit its parameters. You will see the video placed over the background clip in the Preview Window.

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Adjust the position of the video by dragging it to the desired position in the window. You can add some appropriate music or even apply your own voice-over. To add music, simply drag an audio file from its folder on your computer to where you want it to play on the Timeline. To record a voice-over, click the corresponding button above and hit the Start Recording button. After a brief countdown, the recording will start. Click the Export button and select the desired format tab in the window that pops up.

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