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As a workaround I use photomechanic for all the caption work and photoshop CS3 for color adjustment. Anybody have a idea to fix the caption part in CS3? I have recent upgraded my system to Yosemite on my MBP. I want to bring back my life as soon as possible, I will install this OS update after these bugs are fixed. You should only use this version of Java on Yosemite: I had to uninstall and reinstall Photoshop CS5 and apparently it is working now.

Thanks for your help! No, Photoshop CS will not run on Yosemite. It was written for Power PC processors. Your best bet is to upgrade to a version that will run on modern hardware and OSes: Got it working Ps5 , but now, when I close the program it informs me that it cannot save my preferences. I have done a reinstall, a restart or three, tried to find the preferences file in the user Library, but nothing is working.

Does anyone know of a workaround on this? Sounds like a permissions issue. Try creating a new Admin user account and run Photoshop from the new user account to see if the problem goes away: Then you can log into adobe. Is creative Suite 6 compatible Yosemite? I am currently running maverick and CS6 and was unsure if I should upgrade or not.

I also recommend that you do a clean install of the OS and your software. I see far too many issues introduced via upgrade and with user migration assistant. With all due respect, it would be great if Adobe could put up a software compatibility page. Something that can enable us to determine compatibility with Yosemite etc.

Having to go fishing in the inter-web and reeling in spare tires and plastic bags is no fun. Thanks, Don. Like this? I click on it and theres nothing there.

Please help. This is the correct link: MacBook Pro Retina, inch, Mid 2. I have a document created on mavericks which works flawless there. But moving about ONE group containing 10 layers takes about 6 minutes. All apps I have incl. But Photoshop is really suffering a whole lot. I keep a Mavericks Partition for this exact reason so I am not in a dilemma here… but to claim that the current version of photoshop is a good performer on Yes, Photoshop will launch and create a new document for you. But there is a little bit more to being compatible than that. What troubleshooting steps have you tried?

If you save a copy of your current prefs and restore them does the problem go away? Have you tried restoring your prefs, then enabling the rulers again? That resolved the initial problem. However, Photoshop performance is now close to cardiac arrest. Any ideas or suggestions? I only use one central drive so scratch disk is local. Would it help to partition or use external drive as scratch disk?

Photoshop Cs6 Keygen Mac Download

I welcome any advice that may help as this is having a huge impact on productivity. Does anybody know where I can find a solution to the problem of keyboard shortcuts not working consistently? Seems there is a dearth of information on this on the net. Is it possible to uninstall Photoshop CC and reinstall it? Are you using a wacom tablet? Is your driver up-to-date? Is Photoshop up-to-date? Altrimenti cosa dovrei fare? I have a glitch with Photoshop CS5 running on Yosemite. It was the same with Mavericks and after a full Hard drive wipe and reinstall, which failed to rectify the problem, I hoped the upgrade to Yosemite would fix it but no luck.

I would be grateful for any suggestions. Thank you. Is there any way to get around this or get an updated version of Photoshop for free that would work with my laptop? You would need CS3 or later. None are free. You could do this package which is affordable to get started: Desde que he actualizado a Yosemite tengo problemas en CC Photoshop cuendo estoy trabajando se me queda la pantalla negra y me desaparece la imagen, no se que hacer?? After upgrading Yosemite, Illustrator CS5 font preview is missing showing only icons. Any fixes out there? I have Yosemite and Photoshop CS6. I have problems with shortcut keys not working and me having to click elsewhere before it unfreezes.

And its a pain. Can someone please help me.

Install this plug-in: Hey, I too recently upgraded to yosmite CS5 seems to be working ok. I am trying to open up any of my Adobe Suite CS5 and none are working. Instead it is telling me to. Any one else have this problem? I have gone onto the Apple Support and tried to use the Terminal to copy and paste code that it tells you to do with no avail. You need to install this version of Java for compatibility with Yosemite: After I had run the new operating system update, icons from my launch pad had disappeared.

I made a new icon for Illustrator and when I clicked on it, I got a window saying that the application has been moved. To update the product configuration, click Update. You can delete or expand these elements but you cannot manipulate them in other ways. I ended up making a new Illustrator icon and the program works fine, but I have to remember every time when I open the program to not hit update. Help please! I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Illustrator. Thanks so much for this helpful info! I installed the WhiteWindowWorkaround.

There was still a delay when first touching the pen to the tablet, which was fixed when I reset all preferences to default. I just installed the latest update for CC on a brand new macbook pro retina with yosemite latest version. The same files can be read from the other mac with the older CC version. Also the same files can be read on all mac s I have from other programs like preview, DxO, etc. I tried all ways to transfer the photos from the camera as well as opening directly from the SD card … no changes. The only thing I can think of is a permissions issue.

I have a new Mac Pro 3. Any other suggestions on how to fix this issue? Yes, more than once. This is an intermittent issue after photoshop has been open for awhile. I use InDesign and Illustrator all day with no issues. What versions of PS and AI? What troubleshooting have you done? Now, I cannot print from Photoshop with an Epson stylus I have the Java 6 runtime installed as recommended as well as the latest Epson driver.

The CS5 and the same printer were working fine in OS What does the crash log have in it? Have you updated the driver? Some customers report that just updating the driver may not work. You need to delete the driver, delete the printer, install the latest driver then install the printer. I have a Mac Pro 3,46 GHz, 6-core with When I have a file with many Adjustment Layers Curves and clicking on one after the other, threre is a little lag. Compared with Mavericks it takes longer to click on every curve.

Also switching back and forth a Curve and its Mask takes longer. Does anyone have similar experiences? Or a solution? I bought IMAC 3. PLS help…. So my Adobe Illustrator 5. I did the Java u 8 update like previously suggested. This is of course happened after the Yosemite upgrade…. Sorry for the complaining just needed to get that off my chest.

Oh and something else totally irrelevant I have the photographers package and when does Lightroom get up dated.. Before I purchase this iMac I wanted to inform whether installing CS5 and CS6 on this new computer might cause problems because of the operating system as most of the questions above relate to software issues after having updated the operating system, not to issues when first installing software on a computer that runs on Yosemite.

Thanks in advance for your reply! It should work fine. It opens to a blank page and nothing happens. There is a long-standing, strange bug at the Apple support site that can display a blank page when links to support. To get around it, first visit the top level of the Apple support site support. It may be better to post the direct download link: Are you on Mac? If so, is your Photoshop up to date My older Power Pc iMac was running a little sluggish especially with web browsing.

Would you be able to tell me if they are compatible or not? The cheapest way to get Photoshop is this plan: I followed the prompt to upgrade Java, and I get Error After an hour of googling a fix, the result is a tired and cranky me.

Free Photoshop on Mac OS X? Photoshop Trial Reset!

I appreciate any input. Thanks, Sarah. Hi Sarah, the solution to fix the damaged Yosemite did to licensing is here: What version of Photoshop? I now have a new iMac and Yosemite InDesign works but crashes when I try to print. I can export files to PDF and print from there. What can a infrequent user do to use this program? My son and I shared the original purchase and he now uses your creative cloud. Just updating the driver may not work. Also, see this document from Apple on troubleshooting printing on OS X: Did it work properly prior to upgrading to Yosemite?

I recently upgraded to Mac OS X When I attempt to save any file type to my Mac Mini Server that is running I can even reopen them and re-save the files. On the server I have done a permissions repair and restart of the machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have you tried creating a new Admin user account and run Photoshop from the new Admin user account: Jeffrey…I created a new admin account and tried all the above steps that I had done before with all three Adobe Programs.

The results were the same when I tried signing into the server with another server admin login. This issue is baffling to me. Would you suggest uninstalling the suite and reinstalling? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as now I am saving all work to my desktop and then dragging and dropping onto the server. Obviously that adds an extra step that I would like to eliminate. Thanks again. Sorry, did you try new Admin on the client machine? As opposed to the server The problem is more likely on the client machines.

Jeffrey…I tried both. I created a new admin on the client machine and had the same error. I then tried a different admin on the server with the new admin on the client computer. I have upgraded my computer to Yosemite. Ever since doing that I have had problems with Photoshop. I am constantly having to quit the program because when I open files in the programs, I have issues. The photos are a jumbled mess instead of the actual photo.

I can send examples. It is very frustrating. How can I correct this problem? I hate wasting time having to constantly quit and reopen the Photoshop. Apple released an update for Yosemite Install it and it should fix the issues with graphics preview corruption.

Creative Suite 5.5, 5, and 4

Did this start when you updated to Yosemite? Are you using an old version of Photoshop like CS5? Reinstall to fix the damaged files. Have your tried restoring your preferences?: After the The message which it gives is disabled display drivers and then it just crashes when I click OK. My machine is MacMini , i5 2. If anyone knows the reason for this to be happening all software is up to date , please do tell. What does the crash log say? Have you tried to restore your prefs: I upgraded to Yosemite and nothing but issues with Adobe products. Well, I fixed the issue with pulling another hard drive and that had snow leopard on it and reverting back.

I have never had issues with Snow leopard and will only upgrade to Lion or Mavericks if they are running without issues. Never agin!!!! I just wanted to commend you for your patience and thoroughness on this forum. After several years in customer service myself, I must applaud your efforts. As I know that most people only reach out to vendors when there is a problem I am guilty of this as well , I thought I should make a point to say: Thanks Michael! Appreciate that and glad you got the reference. I really appreciate your helping out. Again, thank you for the help and advice you were able to provide.

Said this before and will again, very unimpressed with Yosemite and wish I had never upgraded. Did you try restoring your prefs? I have tried 3 times to update it on my iMac. Now what?? Please help! Just installed yosemite on my I-mac and now its causing photoshop cc to not fill the screen on my cintiq 12 wx, theres a small gap between the menu bar on the cintiq and photoshop and everytime i try to move it it jumps back to the original place. I believe this is a bug on I have a similar that was inquired about back in January where we are running Photoshop CS5. Both Illustrator and InDesign and all other apps work fine.

We can even reopen them and re-save the files. This was working fine when the Server was running OS X The only recent change to the server has been the upgrade to Yosemite and the new Server software. Any updates on why this is happening?

Delays by other keys as well. No more delay. White-window has been integrated into program resulting in poor line quality but zoom is smooth 6 Photoshop CC Smoothing off;jagged curves which are horrible and rapid taper which is better than shoelace, but not great. According to friends things were not this way on Mavericks. I suspect Whitewindow has been integrated into the software itself because I see the effects of it on the shoe-lace bug. As of now with latest Yosemite and Photoshop there is a shoe-lace effect bug when using a pressure sensitive screen such as a Wacom Cintiq 24hd irrelevant of which wacom driver The only way to ameliorate the bug somewhat is to turn off smoothing which causes segmented curves.

I was just bringing up the Whitewindow plug-in because in previous versions such as CS6 if you did not use the plug-in you would not have the shoe-lace bug in Yosemite. However you would have the other problems. I would consider that a significant problem. Also, as I pointed out, according to my colleagues this problem does not appear in Mavericks — only Yosemite with White Window plugin OR CC with or without the plugin which as you pointed out is not necessary for CC Still hoping for some enlightenment on the shoe-lace end stroke bug issue.

Why would it not be a high priority for a painting program to be incapable of its most basic function? I would be extremely grateful for some acknowledgment regarding the shoe-lace bug issue in all versions of Photoshop CC. According to the many forums I have visited it maybe caused by 64b, which needs to be changed to 32b for the Photoshop app. This is the system info. Startup, Analog Efex Pro 1. You have a ton of 3rd party plug-ins and panels many of them older, potentially incompatible.

I would disable your Plug-ins folder and reset your preferences. Are there instructions on how to do this? Thank you for your help. To restore prefs: After resetting the preferences, lighting effects are working fine. I disabled the 3rd party plugins, but they were not the problem. Thank you for your help! The 2. It says an unrecoverable error has occurred. The only version that works is 1. Does not do this on my MacBook also with Yosemite. One time I got it to run.

I restarted the computer and same error… Unfortunately uninstalling, removing preferences, and running cleaner did not fix it Once that error pops up. I have to erase the hard drive and do. I think it may be related to the app store. Updating anything screws up Photoshop CC permanently. Extremely frustrating. Yosemite if you hope to run Dreamweaver CC. On one of my many system installs I followed advice to install java first.

DW would not open. Again uninstalling java and reinstalling DW did not fix. Had to wipe the system. I recently installed Mac OS Photoshop CC itself works perfectly well. After that happens, the printing options in the Photoshop menu are dimmed out until I close and reopen the program.

I have tried everything, from simply restarting Photoshop, to turning the Mac off and restarting, to reinstalling the newest Epson Driver, and a dozen variants of the preceding. Nothing works — I still get that same dialog box response each time. Curiously, I can still print perfectly well from my copy of Photoshop CS4, as well as from Adobe Acrobat, and from every other program in my computer.

So before you dump on everyone else as the source of a problem, perhaps you should first look closer to home for a solution. If I were to follow your directions, I would spend endless hours setting up partitions, running tests, and perhaps spending a thousand dollars on a new printer — and still would have been no closer to resolving the actual problem. Restoring prefs and the video that Julieanne made was by my request is part of our basic troubleshooting steps: Sorry for trying to help…. With IOS I spent several hours with Adobe help trying to accomplish this. Is there a fix in the future.

Since Aperture in longer being supported, I would like to migrate to Lightroom. Im running on Yosemite Is this because the system Im on is too new for the old CS2 program or is there a way around it? Any input would be kindly appreciated! Basically I just want to brush up my skills for a while on illustrator before I go ahead and purchase.

I am going to buy an iMac, I have a photoshop for Windows. Do I need to buy another program for my new computer? You would either need to swap your Windows for Mac: Painting is a bit laggy. When using the spot healing brush, it shares my selection like always, but then I does not just perform the healing and go away like it used to. The shaded part stays there until I click with the brush somewhere else….

I bought a new MBP with Yosemite The error message says that Licensing has stopped working Error I have the original CD and serial number and I really want to get it working. Any help getting it working is much appreciated. Try the solution here: Ok, I had that link before. What was really tripping me up was that after I found the library folder, there was no flexnet publisher to delete.

For anyone else trying to do the fix, first open the terminal screen. Once I opened the terminal window and typed sudo python and yes, I confirmed you actually need the space after it for it to work , I had to drag LicenseRecover. Thank you so much. I have been working on this for almost two weeks and it seems to be finally working. Two thumbs up!!! New guy here. Having the same License issue. Tried the drag-drop of the python script but get a SyntaxError. Not a heavy-duty user so might have missed an assumed step?

Just to precise, I create my action in CS6. Have you tried restoring your prefs to see if the problem goes away? The only issue that I noticed was a very slow boot time for CS6 which I asked your advice on how to rectify it. I followed all the steps Preferences, Plug-ins check etc. I would presume that that is indeed just a coincidence. Please run the Photoshop installer and re-install Photoshop. Hello Jeffrey, Thanks for your help! Does a reinstall reset preferences, workspaces, custom keystrokes?

Is there any effect on plug-ins or any other aspect of CS6 that I would have to redo to bring to it my current operational set-up? I ask this simply because the hassle of a reinstall might not be worth it given that the image processing funtionality is unimpaired. I appreciate your counsel! Regards, Gerald. Does photoshop cc for Mac require Java? I have the same question regarding Flash, which is also not installed on my Mac. Dear Jeffrey, really seams so, that you are the profi here: I am using OS X Can I use all three after installing yosemite further?

Or there will be some greater problems? Thanxs for your answer before! Photoshop CS5 should run fine. Not sure about Illustrator or InDesign. I often see issues introduced via upgrade and with user migration assistant. Your email address will not be published. Photoshop CC October 17, at 3: Do you know whats going on with cs 5?

Installing Creative Suite on macOS 10.12 (Sierra)

Jeffrey Tranberry says: October 17, at 8: Hi Robin, Photoshop CS5 will install and run on Jerry says: May 15, at 8: May 18, at Phil says: October 18, at 1: October 20, at 1: Joshua Beckett says: November 17, at 7: November 18, at 3: Alexander says: October 18, at 7: October 20, at 4: Directions for sharing your system info from Photoshop: Kazar says: January 22, at Mandi says: January 24, at 6: Kawika KuKreationz says: March 10, at 9: Creative Suite 6 perpetual license. To install Creative Suite 6 applications: Mount the Disk Image file for the Creative Suite 6 application.

Open the mounted DMG file. Right-click Install. Double-click the Unix executable titled Install. Creative Suite 5. Mount the Disk Image file for the Creative Suite application. This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work! Please upgrade today! Photoshop Trial Reset! Search for: Updated Adobe Photoshop Fist of all download version, you can google for it or you can use this Adobe Photoshop direct links.

You can navigate there with this command: