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In another incident, a woman says she was grabbed "intimately" from behind while walking. For beginner video podcasters or heavy Skype users, these webcams are an excellent complement to your Windows or Macintosh machine. HD HD I have a question. Can some one help me?

Farcry 4 performance test on a MacBook Air (HD6000 Core i5)

The cameras are actually much smaller than they look. The truth is that my laptop Core 2 Duo 1. Sorry Nick, I could not find a setting for mirroring either, neither in Skype, nor in the bundled software. Although the LiveCam software has a host of funky high-tech though useless features. What kind of software and codec you used to make it happen? Thanks in advance! Awesome review. I found it extremely helpful. Microsoft ought to hire you. If you already work for them, they should fire you then give you a job op with higher pay.

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The Mocrosoft Product Guide was a disaster. There was nothing helpfull and nothing to do with this webcam HD If you want to take pictures of objects this might work, but you have to find out, how to support this stupid camera over the object …. Skatter Tech. Subscribe Contact About. OneDrive Needs These 4 Features. Hello Smartcar. Should your start-up host a launch party? By Manish Mamidanna.

Microsoft Lifecam HD 6000

LifeCam HD USB 2. Surface Pro: What The Kickstand? Both Are Up For Auction. Email Updates. Follow Us. For myself, it would be Auto Focus Disabled, and whatever value I would optimize for the focus distance.

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I am pretty sure they can do either one, but I would prefer a firmware program that allows you to burn in your customized preset settings so you don't have to install the LifeCam software on each computer you use. I plug this camera into different laptops and if this software is not installed I am stuck with the annoying Auto Focus issue again. One other issue I noticed with Auto Focus is during a certain lighting condition, the image will appear to flicker like it's brighter and then dimmer constantly flipping between the two. My belief is the Auto Focus is doing some Micro focus tweaking which is causing this to occur.

I haven't installed the LifeCam software to disable the Auto Focus on this computer to verify if this fixes this flickering lighting issue. I would prefer a simple program that can be installed and auto loads at boot to disable the Auto Focus but a permanent customizable firmware updater would actually be the optimal solution so that you don't have to deal with installing the LifeCam software on every computer.

I've owned this thing for nearly two years, so let me tell you about it. The video quality is great.

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The microphone quality is superb, comparable and actually superior to past headsets I've had, including the most recent edition of the "mod mic" which by itself is worth more than this webcam. It will pick up sound you don't want it to, as it is a webcam mic, but the sound quality is great. Just try not to munch too loudly on your chips while Skyping with friends. So why would I only give it four stars? Well, the cord is ridiculously short, because it's advertised as a webcam for mobile devices like laptops.

I use it on a desktop. If your computer isn't a monitor in itself, you will most likely need a USB extension cord if you want to purchase this fantastic webcam. Also keep in mind that it being marketed as a webcam for mobile devices means its mount doesn't like to attach to big fat screens. It fits well on my monitor that is about 1. The webcam also likes to auto-focus over and over, but if you have good lighting in your room this actually shouldn't happen all too often; the cord length is a much bigger deal.

I use this baby almost every day and have been for the entire time I've had it. I typically use it with Skype for either socializing or just using the microphone to communicate while playing games. Ideally you would want to use this webcam in an isolated environment with good lighting and minimal outside noise.

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All in all, this is a fantastic webcam with just a couple "short-comings". Still don't know what the button on it does. It boasts a p resolution, but requires a 3. Trying out HD video on my old dual-core Lenovo at 2.

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It was super choppy. Dropping the video resolution a bit gives a bit of grain read: I have revealed too much about myself in this review already. The tiny cam swivels a full degrees, which is useful if you need a specific angle to film your next webcam production of "Apocalypse Now" in full p HD video! Or, if you just need to turn your camera. It helps a lot with blogging.

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My problem is that I'm not very attractive, so I have no reason to blog. No one wants to see ugly people on camera. The software comes with a few fun digital effects that allow you to make funny faces and what-not, so if you're into that, then you're probably really into drugs. Otherwise, it's pretty useless, but cute. The auto-focus does tend to get annoying, but you can turn it off once it focuses the camera for you if you open the options dialog and click on the tab next to the effects tab on the top right corner.