Mac os x guest account requires password

Or only needs to use it from time to time?

Create a guest account

Since guest accounts give people a way to access your Mac without having to enter a password, you may want to disable this feature from time to time, for example if you suspect that someone is using your Mac without your permission. Follow me here: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is a useful feature — for guests.

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But I do wish I could update the picture. YOu might then be able to login using the master password. If so, and you would like to have it there at login, you need to click the padlock to access the guest account to actvate it. Aug 20, 6: Aug 20, Oct 25, 9: I just upgraded to ML and got this same thing. I tried the work around and it's still asking for the guest password.

Guest User Password?

I even rebooted after turning off guest accounts and turning them back on. Password is still there, so as it's a guest account I tried "guest" for the username and password and it let me login. Weird that it the guest account doesn't require a password, and yet it's still asking for one. Oct 25, 1: It is always safer to have a guest account available for those, as you say rare instances.

Do try to get the guest account working it could save you a lot of heart ache later, be assured that the guest account does not require a password.

Setup a Secure Guest User Account on macOS Sierra

Oct 27, Well, I tried disabling the guest login and then reenabling it. I'm still greeted with a username and password when I click on guest account.

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  4. First, print this out or bookmark this page so you can come back to it. Force-quite system preferences and then you'll have to hold down the power key on your computer until it shuts down feel free to try a restart, it won't work Log in as an administrator. Your system guest account must be disabled it already is if you have the described symptoms above. In the Accounts pane of System Preferences, Create new standard account with name guest and short name guest.

    Create a group

    Enable the system guest account in System Preferences check the "Allow guests to log into this computer" switch. It will work now that guest name is taken. This action will create user account with short name guest1 with all the properties of guest clean-up after logout etc. Completely delete standard user guest , which you created in step 6 check "delete home folder" to get rid of it all. Disable the system guest account uncheck the switch.

    Right-click on system guest account icon and choose "Advanced" or whatever there is only one menu item anyway and change short name from guest1 to guest.

    Guest User Password? | MacRumors Forums

    Enable system guest account. Log into the guest account.

    How to make your account an Administrator's account (Mac OS X Yosemite)

    Log off as guest and log in with an admin account.