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So well-written directions, also! Thanks for the help. You truly are a life saver! It worked just fine!! This worked perfectly! I spent hours trying to figure this out.

Borderless printing

Your solution took minutes. Works Great. Thank you for the program.

Canon Knowledge Base - Use Borderless Printing (Mac OS X) MP / MP / MP

I have been looking for 2 days on removing margins on my word. Now I can!!! Thank you thank you. Its perfect, thank you SO much! As has been said so many times in the comments, I tried to figure our for hours and your solution helped me just in a few minutes. Any suggestion for another printer that will allow borderless?

Worked perfectly first time. Your easy to follow instructions made installation a simple process. Thank you so so much for this!! I now have my life back! Are there any others that work? Thanks so much! Works like a charm. I used the latest version, 5. You helped me fix my thesis.

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You have just made my day! Tried changing the margin settings to 0 in the Page Setup but never worked on my Mac. This is worked like a charm. God bless you. It worked for me, the most important and last step is to close and open again de document you are working on. Thank you for these clear instructions. Any tips? The custom paper size trick worked for me for a long time, but recently stopped working. This worked like a gem. Thank you for taking the time to put this together! Still works for me. Thank you for putting this out. Any idea? I have been trying for months to get rid of this mystery unprofessional looking border on my PDF documents!!

You are a God-Send.. Thank you!! This is not working for me. Do you think they must have fixed it since it was a good bug to have.

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Also would it work if I was printing wirelessly from a Mac to a Canon? The solution is pretty simple, really 1. Select the IP tab and in the Address field, key in Under the Use section below, choose Select Software… 8. Give the printer an easy-to-identify name like Borderless PDF. Click Add. Leave me a comment if this worked for you! Thanks a great deal. Thanks mate for the perfect solution! This worked great for me, I was having some issues but I managed to make it work by doing these simple steps: THANX a lot!!!!!!!

Worked perfectly, and solved a big problem for me. Many thanks. Excellent instruction, no virus at all. Good stuff, keep-up. Your instructions were just perfect!!! Seems mad that Apple havent thought of a solution before now, Thanks again!

It works like a charm!!! Thank you so much, you saved me tons of hours of work. Clear instructions: Help please! In word, it worked perfect, but how can I get it to work for Powerpoint slide? Should be no different at all. Just print with the same printer settings. Worked for me as well, but not until I restarted Word.

Thank you for this simple and elegant solution. I wish I discovered this earlier! Great Solution! Do not try the other solutions on the web. Point noted.

Thanks for your feedback. The title has been amended. Hi there, Thanks for the help. Again, thank you so much! An old post with long term value. Worked great, appreciate the tip. I was skeptical, but this definitely worked! So relieved! Thanks for this tip! It worked perfectly, I spent hours trying to figure this out hehe. Thank YOU!!!!! Thank you — works great!

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Super easy and reliable. I did this verbatim twice and nothing changed. Still have margins around my PDF. You saved me hours of frustration, thanks a ton! Another fix? Thank you so much, I was so frustrated. Thanks a bunch!!

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I have bookmarked your HowTo! Please note: I suggest reading up on this option and then downloading the appropriate version here. If you have photo black installed and use a photo paper media type, you can check to see if borderless is available. Worth checking out this forum post. The screenshot below is from Photoshop CS6. I hope at least one of these alternative options will help you achieve borderless printing on your Mac.

Please note that these options may still not work as some people have mixed reviews on trying this with certain sizes.