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About Mac Pro Glitter Reflects Blackened Red:

The pigments have such a high colour pay-off and when I am feeling patient, I will use them. I would rather dig into a pressed shadow to get pigment than mess up my outfit by getting loose pigment on it, lol!! They do come in beautiful shades though and are a really good product, especially for makeup artists or people who do creative stuff. I love how you can see through it to what colour it is and that the black MAC logo is on the front.

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Silver Fog is a Shimmery Silver Shade. Pink is a Muted Pink Shade. Two of my favorite things, together at last? These isn't just relevant to my interests, these ARE my interests. Sometimes these collabs can get a little crazy with the packaging; I love that this stays true to both MAC's design, and the design of Star Trek.


Luna Luster hard to see, basically the same color as my skin II: Highly Illogical. Overall, I found Midnight a bit tricky to work with wet or dry — it was kind of dry and hard to get an intense color. But oh, WHAT a color when you do! Bird of Prey was more consistent, but less spectacular.

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I'm definitely into it for a kind of olive green smoky eye, though. These babies which reduced me to near-tears with their beauty are L-R: This is Warp Speed ahead, and at the macro-ish level, you can really see the purple, pink, and blue glitter that has gone into this gloss.

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Guys, I need to tell you: Not only are these colors beautiful — that gold is a heart-stopper — but they last like nothing else. Seriously; I tried to get these off with soap and water and summer-in-New-York sweat, and couldn't do it an oil-based cleanser will remove them.

I love them so much. You can also sign up so that you're first to hear when this collection drops. Okay soooooo top recommendations…. D what do you use to stick them to your skin? Like Like.

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I know the feeling!! And yes, I only use them on my eyes. Lit cosmetics makes a really good one.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. January 29, January 29, ourbeautycult. HYDRA is a blue to green duochrome. LICH is a metallic celery green. LEROY is a bright orangey copper with hints of red and gold. Set 5! I can do a post comparing the two at some point if you guys The first three all have a high shine, metallic finish.

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