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Review of an Orico 9528RU3 RAID External Enclosure and Weme UASP External Docking Station

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Review: Orico USB 3.0 5-bay RAID HDD Enclosure (9558RU3) – Part 1

The unit itself is pretty intuitive to set-up as there really are only a few basic steps to undertake. The first step is to fit the drives, which will only fit one way, and close the drive bays with sufficient force and lock them. Finally, you can plug it into a computer and begin using it without any further hassle. However, if you would like, there is also monitoring software which can be installed to perform diagnostics and provide alert capability on the array.

Once installed, with the array hooked up and powered on, the software allows you to see the condition of your RAID array. The default screen shows you all of the disks, the RAID array type and the status. From here, it is possible to drill down to individual drives to find the member information. Unfortunately, it only gives the normalized SMART values and not the raw data , thus is less useful than it otherwise would be. Also, it is possible to create and configure the arrays via the software, rather than the DIP switches, which is more user friendly.

The Advanced Mode tab allows you access to even more features, such as an ability to send alert e-mails on certain array events.

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An advanced RAID creation tab is also available for those who want to create multiple arrays using the pool of drives, or to use only a limited area of the disks. I did not explore the full abilities and limitations of this mode. A firmware upgrade page is available for upgrading the firmware of the hardware RAID port multiplier chipset, but no firmware upgrades have been released.

The version is a very suspicious V0. The final tab configures the rebuild priority and sleep timer settings. I set my sleep timer to 0 which seems to disable the feature. Join us in the next part of the review for how the unit performs in practice. Skip to content. Orico USB 3. Unboxing the Unit The unit came in a box with a carry handle, which had a fairly decent size.

Teardown Always ever-curious as to what powers the unit, the first thing I did was to tear it apart. Some filtering or power conversion seems to be done on the backplane as well. Setting Up the Unit The unit itself is pretty intuitive to set-up as there really are only a few basic steps to undertake.

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Another feature is to view the event log for the array. Like it? Share it! The RAID 5 mode puts the original and corrected data and scatters in all hard drives need 3 hard drives at least. In this mode, when you damage a hard drive, simply remove the hard drive and change another HDD of same capacity or more, then the data can be retrieved and rebuild the RAID set. RAID 5 uses only one-third of disk space to store data, and therefore provides a good price-performance ratio. It needs 4 hard drives, and the actual capacity of the hard drive is equal to 2 times the capacity of the smallest drive.

orico hw raid manager

This mode has the RAID 0 at high speed and secure 1. This mode is secure and stable, the use of hard disk space is low and the costs are high but 4 hard drives are required to have the capacity of 2 hard drives. The combined mode combines all hard drives with a large hard drive.

The actual capacity of the hard drive is equal to the total of the capacity of hard disks.

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If 4 hard disks of Tera 3 are used in this mode, it will tell you 12 Tera into your computer. In this mode, the hard disk space usage rate is high, management is convenient, but security is bad and hard drive performance is not improved. When a hard drive is damaged, the remaining data from the hard drive will be lost.

It is relatively simple, it is all simply that each hard drive is seen separately.


This is clearly an excellent support for 4 hard drives, in which you can even connect 5 hard drives! And besides, it's easy to set them up with the switches on the back!

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