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When they originally marketed it as "The Decision Engine", that should have scared off anyone with a brain.. Why would anyone want such a monopolistic company to "help" you with your decisions? I like to , Google it Yahoo that Bing it. When Microsoft got told off for bing's results being identical to google's, I swapped.


Why not, if the content is identical, then the only difference is style, in which case bing wins. Also the fact that it pulls things from wolfram alpha is so much better as it saves me entering the same thing in there later. Why have a homepage at all? I typically have several pages open in Chrome when I'm done for the day and it's convenient that they are the first pages I see when I open up my browser again.

Having bells and whistles on a homepage seems purely decorative as far as I'm concerened. Anything that wants you to sign in is a no-no. Duckduckgo is my choice with minimal page info. I don't want machines to know or like me!

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Bingo no Bing. I use the Goog only when absolutely needed. The fact that they track me, and let the g-men look at the results, give me the cold willies. I use StartPage as the default on all our home computers. Is it as good as google? Maybe someday it may improve. But Google may also improve. I still think Google is the Best.

You can customize that in Google Background. Who wants all that design when you are keen in search of something, and not the look of it. It searches all the other search engines and amalgamates the results. Can't beat that, really. Maybe the folks at Make Use Of should have read this before singing the praises of Bing: B-I-N-G Oh, what a great search engine! Everyone using Google is stuck in the 90's - Era technology. You know when Google stole Microsoft Search technology to create Google in the first place. Very little innovation has occurred from Google since then. Pretty lame really.

Search from Microsoft is great! Enterprise and Internet. You can program a crawler to do whatever you want. Its pretty sweet. Bing offers Ordnance Survay maps and the A-Z style for road maps. These are way beyond what you could ever hope for with Google Maps. As far as I know Microsoft and Yahoo? It has always appeared to me that if I use Bing for a search the top results are mostly sites where I can buy that item, or something that they think might be similar to it.

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Most of my searches are for technical information. I'm not interested in wading through a bunch of sites that offer the 'best price' on. Google Search isn't totally free of these commercial sites, but it doesn't seem quite as dominated by them. You mention Yahoo Local, but that is not available in most regions outside US. In my opinion, Google is the best search engine, but I really think Bing could take off. I hope one day some people will be saying "Bing it" and some will still be saying "Google it". Great to know we have such insightful people around.

I don't use bing, but I have given it a couple of chances. Google's results were just a lot more accurate. Indeed trainman, there are still people that stand up for their principles. Considering Google stole Microsoft Technology to build Google search in the first place, Google is pretty dang lame. I appreciate Google's implementation of Microsoft's technology, and at one point it was the only resource for valid search.

But Microsoft has now made up for that lost intellectual property and with the acquisition of FAST has better technology behind its search than Google. It will take another years for the market to reflect the technology win by Microsoft, but I would have to say that Google is definately not king anymore. First off, I don't use Google or anything else as my home page. I have a blank page on my local machine for that. It's quick and lets me decide what to do first. Usually that's the "Morning Coffee" extension the opens a series of tabs on the pages I want to see once in the morning but once I've finished with them, I usually don't open them again until the next day.

I'm pretty sure that if I did choose a portal for a front page, I'd spend even more time following links and getting sidetracked! I do spend a lot of time with Google. I happen to prefer the minimalist page. It gives me the change to actually ask my question although it also makes suggestions once I'm typing; not sure I love that but it doesn't particularly get in the way.

As far as the Yahoo and other newsy homepage, I have no use for that on a continuing basis. Of course I can always go there but usually don't. There are plenty of other portal front pages that are as good or better. One thing Yahoo has that I occasionally make use of is their groups. I don't think the others have that; they're simple, text messaged communities of like minded individuals.

Hobbies, crafts, beliefs, professional - all sort of groups there. I do use Bing for their bird's eye view which I think is a whole lot better than Google's earth view. But I'm very glad the other engines are there because they do bring another aspect to searching and, as you say, take the monopoly off the table. I've been using Bing as my default for over a year now. Once in a while, I need Google, but Bing seems pretty determined to do things well, and just a little differently.

Bing is just different enough from Google that you notice it, and I find the Bing News pages pretty useful. Google has a proper filter searcher and hides sensitive articles better as compared to Bing and Google! But one bad thing about Google is that it does have any amazing background. It removed the background wallpaper services around 6 months ago! So overall Google is for official purposes.

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No one posts any trolls or any joke! Google provide country and time specific search results Seems like I can get better results with Google, without pure crap being involved along with it. Google is much more exact. Whether Google is the best or not isn't the problem. I will never say "Yahoo! It'll always be Google it.

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Google is my preference, when I am searching for info I don't want to be distracted with news or gossip. There's too much trivia available already. Bing's backgrounds are also distracting I find.

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I use Bing for all my searches. I also get rewarded for each search through Bing Rewards. I find that I know how to use it better than Google. When I search something on Google it pretty much gives me the same results, but there have been a few times when Google doesn't show the results I am looking for at the top.

Also, you could use msn. Top Deals. Craig Snyder September 20, 5 minutes.

Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. No doubt they would track me anyway, but it should be made harder. Only on very few occasions I go to google when I didn't find it bing. Is use Google, because it provides lots of useful services for webmasters and daily use: I won't use Bing simply out of principle. I hate Microsoft, and everything they stand for.

Also, the Bing Rewards Hint, hint, MUO writers: The differences between the news aggregation sites. Just sayin'. Sad thing is, I use Bing more than Google. Scroll down for the next article. Gmail vs. Yahoo New Mail: Which Is the Best in Class?

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