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Create hundreds of shortcuts to boilerplate text responses, long URLs, entire signatures, addresses, names, phrases—anything you find yourself typing repeatedly. Reduce an entire form letter to a three-letter abbreviation! Spell Catcher automatically corrects commonly misspelled words and typos, often without you even noticing. Spell Catcher includes a list of close to 4, common typos for US English and spelling mistakes. Ever hold down the shift key too long?

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Or forget to use it when you should have? Let Spell Catcher fix those DOubled CApitals, capitalize the first word of a sentence, and fix capitalization of proper nouns—instantly and automatically. Change regular dashes to en or em dashes. Prevent double spaces—a habit from the days when you used a device called a typewriter.

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With the Complete command, words, phrases, shorthands, names, e-mail addresses, and more are found and typed for you. Set up Spell Catcher to complete words from the dictionary, thesaurus, shorthand glossaries and your own custom word lists. This is especially handy when it comes to completion.

You may only want to show completions for e-mail addresses in your Internet apps, but show matching shorthands and words in your word processor. The promise to have the contents of your Address Book available everywhere has now been realized! Spell Catcher Plus for Windows only. Spell Catcher will record all phrases that you type and then subsequently present them to you in a list as you begin typing them again. Then, you can easily select them from the list, rather than type them out again.

Finding exactly the right word has never been easier. English thesauri offer over two million responses for almost , words.

Spell Catcher—The Ultimate Spell Checking and Writing Software for Mac and Windows

You can even ask Spell Catcher to say the word you are looking up, to hear the correct pronunciation. Spell Catcher seamlessly integrates with numerous online Dictionary Servers—all from the Look Up window. Look up the word you just typed, the word selected in your document, or something else entirely by typing it into the Look Up window.

You can even drag text to the Look Up window to look it up. After you look up a word from your document, you can replace it with the one you really wanted with a single keystroke or mouse click. When you add new words to the Spell Catcher dictionary—say, your last name, or words specific to your industry—you do so only once. Maintain one set of customized words and use them in all your applications! Organize your references as learned words, shorthand abbreviations, and omitted words.

If you write in different languages and switch from one language to another frequently, assign a keyboard shortcut for each language, and keep your hands on the keyboard. You can even set a different default language for each application you use—perhaps French in Microsoft Word, and English in your email application. Your customized word lists and shorthands can be there for you no matter what language you happen to be writing in. No need to duplicate your efforts! This includes your customized references including shorthand glossaries.

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Or how about this: There was no time to launch your address book program, so you typed the number into whatever you were working on—maybe even the margins of your page layout program-intending to transfer it to a more logical place when you had the time. In all of these cases, the Spell Catcher feature called Ghostwriter could have saved you. Step 2: This red line is there because there are still changes in the document that need to be accepted which can be minor changes like double spaces or a wrongly placed comma. You might come across redundant changes, where a word or punctuation mark is replaced by the same word or punctuation mark.

There are two common reasons you might see such changes:. Step 1.

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Save your document as a. Common problems Word crashes when I accept the changes.

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Outlook uses a dashed, red underline to indicate possible spelling errors. To turn off automatic spell checking, on the Edit menu, point to Spelling and Grammar , and then clear the check mark next to Check Spelling While Typing. If you want, Outlook can automatically correct some commonly misspelled words.

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For example, if you type freind , Outlook changes it to friend. This feature is available only with Mac OS X v Outlook can check for grammatical errors as you type. Outlook uses a dashed, green underline to indicate possible grammatical errors. In the list of suggestions, click the word that you want to use, and then click Change. You can check for spelling errors as you type a document so you can spot them and correct them as you work. To correct spelling errors, hold down CONTROL and click a word with a wavy, red underline, and then on the shortcut menu, click the word that you want to use in the list of suggested corrections.

By default, spelling is checked automatically as you type. To disable this, on the PowerPoint menu, click Preferences , click the Spelling tab, and then clear the Check spelling as you type check box. On the Review tab, under Proofing , click Spelling. Spell check does not work in Word for Mac Use a custom dictionary. Check spelling and grammar in a different language. Proofing tools that are available for each language. Word automatically checks for and marks potential spelling errors with a red squiggly line.

Word also checks for and marks potential grammatical errors with a green squiggly line. Close the dialog box to save your changes. To fix an error, do one of the following: Type the correction in the box and then click Change. To skip the error, do one of the following: Click Ignore to skip only that instance of the error. Click Ignore All to skip all instances of the error. Click OK to return to your document. Recheck the spelling and grammar that you previously checked and chose to ignore. On the shortcut menu, do one of the following: Click one of the guesses at the top of the shortcut menu.

Click Ignore Spelling to ignore one instance of the word.

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Click Learn Spelling to add the word to the spelling dictionary. After opening an email message: Do any of the following: Select the Check grammar check box to turn on grammar checking. Click Ignore to ignore this word and move on to the next misspelled word. Click Learn to add the word to the spelling dictionary. PowerPoint automatically checks for and marks potential spelling errors with a wavy, red underline: On the Review tab, click Spelling.

Correct the error on your slide. Click OK to return to your presentation. Word Word uses a red underline to indicate a spelling error and a green line to indicate a grammar error.