How to format mini sd card on mac

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How to Format an SD or Micro SD Card on Your Mac

Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Charles says: December 21, at 5: Paul says: December 21, at 6: Eric says: December 21, at TGV says: December 22, at 1: Adrien Cesgu says: December 22, at Carla A says: December 27, at 4: Sometimes you'll need to erase these cards, perhaps to use them in another device or simply to remove unwanted data. This can be especially important if you have sensitive business data on the card, such as customer contact information.

Reformat SD Card on Mac

It is possible to erase an SD card using a Mac; however, you may need to decide what format and possibly what security options you want. Typically when you erase data, it still does reside on the device, whether it's a computer, cell phone or SD card. That data is simply marked as deleted, and the device is free to write over it in the future.

Formatting memory card on computer with MAC OS

Until that happens, the data still exists, and someone could potentially "resurrect. Instead you can format the card, which marks all data as deleted, and it also has security options available for thorough data removal. Formatting drives is also available in the Disk Utility, which marks all data on that drive as deleted and prepares the drive for future use.

Normally formatting an SD card doesn't require much time, though if you want apply security options to the format, the process may extend. Within the Disk Utility, you can format your SD card by clicking it in the left-hand pane and then clicking the "Erase" tab.

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Click Start. A confirmation message will appear.

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Click OK. The card will now be erased and set up as new.

Linux and Mac OS

Once formatted, you can re-insert it into your Go Pro. Method 2.

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  • How to Format an SD Card on Mac.
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  • Insert the SD card into your Mac. The slot is usually on the front or side of the computer. Click the SD card you want to format. Click Erase.